Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Revlon Nail Polish- Valenine

What better way to get into the Valentines spirit than to buy your loved ones little gifts, play romantic music, turn on candles at night, and have your nails painted red. A bold move? For some it may be. But hey its Valentines day; why not? So normally I wear clear or neutral shades but I went all out today and wore Revlon's "Valentine-730" from CVS for $5.79. I tried to stay away from reds for the longest time because I don't think bright reds would flatter my skin tone, so I went for a deeper red shade which I think will suit most skin tones. Even though it comes with a standard size brush, it went on really well. No clumps and the smaller brush gave me a precise application. Best of all, it dries fast. I can't stand waiting for nails to dry. I get really impatient and this formula is perfect for someone like me. The formula is layer-able which helps get an even and rich color. Its long lasting and doesn't chip easily. I don't have any cons about this product besides that it may stain your nails.  Overall, love it!

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