Monday, May 7, 2012

Physicians Formula Baked Collection Wet/Dry Eye Shadow and Physicians Formula Concealer 101 Concealer Duo

All right so free stuff!!! As I mentioned in my previous blog,  I've been  busy with  finals and I'm excited to share the new stuff I got for FREE by my beauty club rewards card on my CVS card. Lets start with the bad. First of all to start off, I never use concealer for anything so I may not  be the best person for his review. Having said that, the few times I ever thought I have needed it, a high coverage foundation did the job. But when I  was getting stuff at CVS I was like hey why not just give it a try. The packaging is convenient and small to carry around for touch ups. The Physicians Formula Concealer 101 Concealer Duo has two shades; one for under eye and one for discolorations. It comes with a little brush which isn't so bad. I actually do tend to use it. The feel is really dry though so you'll really have to rub it well with your fingers to warm it up. Here's a tip on how to apply it: Use your fingers because the heat from your fingers will help it melt down a bit and apply better. After you pat it into the areas that need some cover age like under eye circles or discoloration, simply use a foundation to blend it out. You don't want to be those girls whos eye areas are significantly whiter than the rest of their face. Makeup shouldn't be obvious. Personally I think it does well with cancelling out the blue tones under your eyes with the yellow but it's not something that I find essential to your daily make up routine.
I was soooo impressed with this eyeshadow trio! I've been looking for a dupe for Victoria’s Secret Beauty Rush Wet Dry Shadow in Gold Rush and I found it! The middle cream shade is just like it. Trust me I've tried so many colors that are similar to it and this one comes the closest. I think The trio in Baked Sands would look great on any skin tone. It's a neutral and flattering shade that can be worn dry for a natural look for wet for a more intense look. Love love love this, and will defiantly be repurchasing this soon!

Physicians Formula Concealer 101 Concealer Duo

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Gone studying for finals. Will be back soon! So excited about the free stuff I got from CVS with my beauty club rewards. Coming soon! :)
Heck yes! Free stuff!