Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Glow Honey...Glow

Elf- Golden Bronzer $3
Ahh I love glimmer powder!When I think of  shimmer I think of smaller specks of glitter but glimmer is like microscopic shimmer that gives a natural glow. Unfortunately, most companies call them face shimmers which may intimidate people into not getting them. So anyways, when I look washed out in the mornings after getting only four hours of sleep, all I want is a little glow to brighten up my look and the Physicians Formula's Happy Booster Translucent Powder ($14 from CVS) does the trick. This may not apply to people with oily skin, but if you have dry to normal skin like mine, a little shine adds a nice glow and natural radiance.
So the first face shimmer I first fell in love with was from my Elf's Golden Bronzer that I got from Target for only $3. In fact, I only used 1/4 of that pallet because I only used the bottom left shimmer since I discovered shimmer bronzers just don't suit me. As you can imagine, the shimmer side hit pan and eventually crumbled into small pieces and mixed together...darn. So I went on a hunt to for a drugstore face shimmer and the only one I found was Physicians Formula's which is unfortunately the "higher end" side of drugstore products that usually don't cost less that $10, but that's ok because it was definitely worth it.
Physicians Formula-Happy Booster:Translucent ($14)

When I first saw the
Happy Booster Translucent Powder I was like " there is no way this will work out because its mixed with pinks, peaches, and browns". For the first week I only used the left side with the white and peach shimmer but I eventually gave up and decided to sweep the entire product to see if it turns out ok; it gave a fabulous radiance! Although I do love this product I will most likely be repurchasing the new Mineral Glow Pearls in Translucent that I also just discovered and love! Its basically like the Happy Booster without the extra hint of color. Oh and just a few tips, translucent powders work just as well as other pressed powders to set your foundation without having to worry about the color matching up or looking cakey/nasty. Also, if you feel too matted out after using a regular powder, a little glimmer on the places where the light would naturally hit (your cheekbones, forehead, bridge of your nose, brow bone, and chin) will give your face an amazing natural glow in photos and avoid the cakey look. ;) (Ex: Mila Kunis)
Physicians Formula- Mineral Glow Pearls:Translucent ($14)

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