Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Dupe of "Lady Like" by Essie

All right, so I've desperately been looking for a dupe to "Lady Like" by Essie. Essie has an amazing color choice but let's be honest, formula wise, it's not worth $8. I'm not even halfway done and its already a pain to apply. It dries out fairly quick and brushes on clumpy. 

Unfortunately the drugstores nearby don't sell opi's "Tickle my France-y", which has been compared to "Lady Like's" neutral shade and has been given great reviews. Insteads I bought Revlon's "Grey Suede-705" for $5.79 at CVS. I'm sure its cheaper at Walmart but I look at CVS's higher prices as a convenience fee. 

When putting it on, it looks quite pale but when it dries it looks a shade or two darker than the bottle. The color is great but the downside might be the formula. It seems like it might clump after a while and it has a standard brush. It's not as purple or as matte as Essie's "Lady Like" but it's definitely an awesome nude shade that will suit most skin tones and something that I wont have to think twice about. Overall, very pleased!

PS: I'll be doing alot more nail color reviews since I've been crazy shopping for nail polishes lately.
 Essie - Lady Like
Revlon- Grey Suede

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