Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Healthy Pizza

I love tasty food, but I wanna be healthy at the same time. Considering I'm in college and don't get much time workout as much as I used to. Here's a simple healthy recipe that doesn't require much effort and only takes 20 minutes to make. This recipe calls for:

1 Tortilla (preferably whole wheat )
3 Tablespoons of Ragu sauce
1/2 Tomato
Spinach Leaves ( I use the ones that come in the big prepackaged bags)
Shredded cheese ( preferably fat free or reduced fat)
1 Teaspoon Salt Season
1 Teaspoon Tajin Calisico Seasoning ( or you can try crushed red peppers with some lime to get the same taste)

Preheat the oven to 400. Place to the Tortilla on an ungreased baking sheet and spread some Ragu sauce on it. Add some shredded cheese.  Add spinach leaves evenly. Slice and add thin slices of tomatoes and add some more cheese on top(dicing them up makes it easier to pull apart and eat but I think the slices look good). Then sprinkle the seasonings on top and let it bake for 15  minutes.  That's it, super easy, fast, healthy, and yummy. You can change anything to your taste but that's just how I make it. Bon Appetit my lovelies!

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