Friday, March 23, 2012

Bold Lipsticks

I have a collection of drugstore lipsticks from this year and I'll be doing a more detailed review about each brand later on. For now though, just the bold colors that I don't usually wear. This year has been big on bold colors like reds, pinks, purples and as much as I love them, I can't make them work all the time. Some thing that I stick to is EOS lip balm or Revlon's Matte-Mauve It Over. I read so many reviews about the new Revlon Lip Butter and I couldn't resist when I saw the color choice. It's probably the most moisturizing lipstick I've ever used. I'm more of a matte girl, but I can make an exception since the color payoff is so great! The packaging tube is cute, its the color of the shade so its easy to see what color your picking up in a hurry in the mornings. Overall, love these lipsticks but these are the two colors (Red Velvet and Lollipop) I use least since they are very bold and hard to work on a day to day basis.

Covergirl has some amazing shades in their Lip Perfection line. The colors are long lasting and don't have much shine which I love. She shade I wear the least is Divine Divine which is a beautifulll purple pinky shade that reminds me a lot of something Katy Perry would wear. It looks kind of scary in the tube but amazing on. Wish I was edgy enough to work this shade everyday. One of my funnest lipsticks hands down. Revlon's Pink Pout from the Matte line may be a bold color, but its definitely one of the most wearable out of the four. It's too bold to wear to class but perfect for a night out with friends.

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