Wednesday, September 17, 2014

Why Do Women Wear Makeup?

For many makeup is seen as a way to enhance natural beauty, for some it's just seen to "cover up". Wearing makeup isn't anything new and majority of women wear it, but it comes with many misconceptions and opinions. Some people look down upon women who wear makeup at all while others prefer women to wear makeup. Is is a bad thing?

I personally wanted to address some remarks made about makeup and share my opinion on it.

My blog's purpose is to share product reviews for women so they can wisely choose their products, see if it's event worth it without having to buy it, test it, and return it. It's way too much of a hassle and if product reviews and swatches are available online for free, why not make use of it? Cosmetics is a giant industry, about $40 billion is spent on makeup each year. That to me is crazy. 

I can see how people could see makeup as a shallow topic but my blog isn't meant to bring about discussions on worldly/ profound topics. Its based off of something I love to do. Makeup...why do they need it in the first place,why do women use it, and why am I encouraging women to try out these products? Granted society has a lot to do with it. We don't paint our faces for nothing. Imagine a world were women didn't even know what makeup was and walked around bare faced.  Every woman's appearance would be judged off of what they really look like. Would there be competition then? I think so, I'm sure someone would come up with something to make them look nicer. It's natural! People want to look good. Everyone has different standards but for centuries people have done things out of their comfort zone, maybe even painful to look more attractive. Scientifically,  women's faces look more feminine with contrast.

I have heard different views on makeup all my life, mostly negative.  I wanted to take time out to address some points. My responses are based on my opinion. I can't talk for all women. If you disagree or agree, comment down below. I would love to hear your thoughts. 
  • I don't need makeup, it's sad some women become dependent on it.
All women are different and yes there are those who don't find themselves attractive without makeup and even go as far is not wanting to leave the house without it...ever. So yes, it is sad. But not wearing makeup doesn't make you any better of a person, you just chose not to and that's ok.  If you're happy, great, I'm happy for you. Unfortunately, nobody is perfect and a little makeup won't hurt anyone. There is no need to let anyone down because of it, if anything they need encouragement to embrace themselves as they are. I personally believe women should love and be comfortable to walk out without it. It's makeup ladies, just makeup! Go without it for a day or two see how you feel. Ashamed? Are you hiding behind your sunglasses? Don't, embrace it, trust me you will feel much happier when you do. I remember a YouTube tag called the "No Makeup Challenge" where makeup gurus on YouTube tagged other users to go bare faced for a video. I initially thought it was a bit silly, but if you see it as a challenge, TAKE IT! Let your skin breath and feel comfortable with it. But let me just say this again, there's nothing wrong or anything to feel ashamed about wearing makeup. It is

  • Why do women wear makeup. Does it have to do with confidence?
Every woman has a different reason why they choose to wear makeup. I do believe most women do it for that boost of confidence. When you're looking flawless theres no stop in you. You look fab! know that feeling, ain't nobody letting you down today. I too feel more confident when I have makeup on. Do I feel ashamed not wearing it? No. Am I not confident to be seen without it. No. Some women may be so I can't talk for all women but the misconception that women wear makeup because they don't have the guts to go without it isn't the best way to go about it.
Majority of women can point out at least three things they wish they could change about their appearance.What will it take for a woman to realize she is beautiful? I've met cancer survivors for interviews for the paper I work for who are so so confident and accepting of who they are and how they look. Eva DeVirgilis, an actress and makeup artist, also mentioned that she has met elderly women and cancer survivors who have been very at peace with themselves and one of the people who don't apologize in her 
makeup chair. I'll link her TED Talk down below. 

"To be confronted with the prospects of illness or death, is that what it's going to take us to appreciate what we have?"

To answer the question, what makeup really comes down to is making yourself look slightly more attractive...surprised? I think not. This isn't rocket science y'all :)

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